Develop your mix and your products

Imagine your products / the services for tomorrow, renovate your offers, evaluate, screener, optimize, validate… These questions constitute the essence of your day-to-day – and ours.

We know what you need to address these issues: agile, iterative, action-driven, adaptive approaches that use digital tools and creative collaborative processes - all but a maze!

Over the decades, we have supported our clients in all sectors and for all types of products, and have accumulated the needed distance and the quantitative databases to give the necessary elevation to our conclusions.

  • New Product Development, Design thinking
  • Qualitative & quantitative tests – communication, pack, product,…
  • Concept screenings, Use tests, sniff tests, I-HUT…
  • Proprietary Tools Interactive Workshop, Bottom Up
Agile, clever, and robust: the approaches you need to move quickly and surely.