The safe value to conduct your studies & missions internationally

In 25 years of practice, June marketing has become a leading actor in internationally coordinated research.

From the simplest to the most complicated protocol, mixing the qual, quant, innovation or strategic planning expertise in one or more countries and all over the world, you will benefit by entrusting your international studies to June, with:

  • The development of realistic, smart and cost-effective methodologies
  • The best logistics organization
  • Local partners selected according to your problematic and sharing the same vision of the profession
  • An accompaniment of your central and local teams to help you work together, beyond any differences of interest or cultural gap
  • Decoding and reformulating local insights to fit your company's language
  • Engaging and effective international recommendations, restoring the 'big picture' as well as the cross-cultural nuances that enrich the analysis
  • The resolutely international look of our multicultural and multi-expert team, passionate about the discovery of cultures and international marketing investigation
  • More than 60 multi-country studies conducted per year for 25 years, on 5 continents
  • In-house bilingual consultants and experts in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian cultures
  • A team dedicated to the international coordination of multi-country projects
  • Systematic attendance to fieldworks to immerse ourselves in local specificities and mindsets
A multicultural team fascinated by the world diversity.