the very incarnation of SYNERGy

In the behind the scenes at June marketing, when receiving a well-hefty briefing…

To rack our brains on your upmost difficult problems, we gather our senior consultants during a methodological brainstorm, experts of different trades (qual / quant / innovation / digital/ strategic plan) to imagine and offer you the most cutting-edge approach, with for key words, efficiency, creativity, ingenuity.

We call the sessions the JIC – June Intelligence Committee. The JIC allow us to merge our expertise to offer you ad-hoc solutions, totally adapted to your problems and your constraints if necessary, and to reinvent each time the best methodological solution.

The JIC represents the very foundation of June Marketing, the synergy of our know-how at the service of the accompaniment of our clients. So do not hesitate to ask for the JIC when sending in your next briefs, it doesn’t cost more…

Alone, we go faster,
Together we go further
(African proverb)