Decode all the luxury facets

Behind the concept of « luxury » are hidden heterogeneous realities: aspirations and expectations that vary from one individual to another, and industries as different as luxury cars or beauty products.

For brand players in this sector, it is important to understand what makes the value of a good or a service, from material elements to purely intangible experiences… Depending on targets and markets, codes are to be constantly reinvented, between slow luxury, personal accomplishment, social status, with yet on some markets the very good health of luxury being synonymous to ostentation.

In addition, digitalization rebuffs the cards of the relationship with the brands and requires reinventing retail, the communication, and moreover, customer experience.

Finally, it is crucial to seize the opportunity to create appeal to the Millenials and this, from the passage rite of their first luxury purchase.

Luxury is a pillar activity for June marketing, regardless of your position on the luxury ladder, from masstige to über-luxury.

  • Fashion, leather goods, jewelry
  • Cosmetics & fragrances
  • Spirits
Understand the value of luxury today and tomorrow.